Creating a more interactive artistic experience with Patreon

Over the past few months, I have been looking to improve my creative practice. I have seen a need to both improve the structure of the overall business model. I have also wanted to find a way to include my audience in my process more intimately. Enter Patreon. I saw that there has to be a way to tie in my own efforts to create a business plan and utilize a platform to build a solid foundation to grow towards positive growth in my artistic practice. I am currently planning content to release between now and January 2019 and beyond.

Audio commentary, exclusive sketches, and live painting

One of the most often questions I get is “what inspires you?” Well, I have been working on a series of audio commentary clips where I cover previous originals and commission works. I’ll also be doing other audio commentary on other art related subjects. The audio portion may grow into a business lecture series for artists. There’s a lot to talk about, and I look forward to bringing this content to you.

I am working on a few things in terms of sketches I want to provide my patrons. I am working on re creating old process sketch work for previous paintings. I’m also regularly developing sketches for masks, sculptures, and lettering. Basically, this is a continuation of my regular creative process.

Lastly, I am doing live painting sessions when time allows. You can view these on platforms such as periscope, youtube, and facebook. I am looking into a way to condense and edit these videos into different formats as needed.

Monthly print club!

I will be establishing a monthly print club for a limited number of Patrons. In this tier, I will be creating a small scale painting or drawing and converting that piece into a printed format. See page for details!

Business coaching for new artists (starting in 2019)

I have had some great professional experiences, not only as an artist, but in other fields as well. These experiences have taught me what it takes to go beyond the lessons of the academic world. Starting in 2019 I will be including various content such as audio commentary on the art business. I will be offering services like personal portfolio critiques and tips for building a solid online presence. I’ll also work with artists to discover their own business strategy. I am still developing ideas for this phase, but look out for it next year!

Building towards new goals

My main goal is to produce art more often. I have been, and continue to diligently produce. As with any business, I have learned there needs to be many levels of support in order to function effectively. As I build towards my goals, I will be gaining the most difficult commodity to keep a handle on: Time. I have been working on my business plan in the background. However, time, and various distractions that come from life tend to take away from the time I need to focus on building my practice.

I have some aspirations to grow my practice beyond simply producing art. Art making, beyond the space of academia, can sometimes be a very solitary life. One major thing I know about myself is that I am not an inherently solitary individual, nor do I wish to be. Naturally, I have been seeking out and theorizing ways to create a connection, not only professional reasons but for personal ones as well. In the documentary “Dig” the band The Dandy Warhols held a temporary event where they opened up an art studio similar to Andy Warhol’s Factory and interacted with fans, and made art. I don’t know if I will exactly do this, but I find it extremely inspiring. I want to strive for inclusivity in my own way.

I have also always been inspired by travel documentaries and tv shows. Anthony Bourdain dedicated almost an entire episode of his show to exploring the creative practice of Los Angeles Artist David Chow. The public was given a great look into that artist’s practice and life. Goals like this are far off in the distance, but they give me something really exciting to aim toward. I also have plenty of time to figure out the logistics of the whole thing.

For now, I am looking towards my first few goals and go from there. I am really excited to go on this journey with all of you!