Spring update 2019

It’s been a bit since I have sent an update. I’ve been up to a lot. I’ll lay it out in this post. I’ll probably be doing updates on a more quarterly basis for the time being.

I sat down for an interview!

I was recently published by local Dallas blog Voyage Dallas Magazine. Big thanks to Kim Watson for helping me get this set up and photographing me for the article.

I created a new artists statement

This one has been in the works for a while. I have been taking a long hard look at my output over the last 10+ years. These types of exercises are very difficult, but I was able to distill what I have been doing overall. Head over to my CV page to read it.

I will be working with Chartpak

Late last year I signed on to work with Chartpak, Inc. as an artists ambassador. Chartpak is a parent company to a host of other companies such as Grumbacher, Malotow, Schmincke,  and Indigo.

Art Ambassadors at Chartpak travel to universities and stores to give lectures and demonstrations about art making. This is an extremely exciting opportunity and I am very much looking forward to working with this company!

I’m working on a review of the Vincent Van Gogh biopic, “At Eternity’s Gate.”

Last year a film was made, mostly under the radar of most people, about the life of Vincent Van Gogh. Willem Dafoe played Van Gogh, and Oscar Isaac played Paul Gaugan. Overall I really loved the way this film portrayed the artist as a human being that had a genuine love for translating every day life and nature with his own vision. Initially I had some really strong reactions to it (some positive, some negative). I was going to publish it almost immediately but got side tracked, and ultimately found that giving it some time to gestate was the best move. My biggest problem with the film had to do with cinematography. It was a mostly beautiful shot film, but had moments of wildly inconsistent experimentation. That mostly had to do with creating a first person point of view through the eyes of the artist and his struggles with mental Illness. Also the ending of the movie, while probably closer to factual, may be controversial to some. Stay tuned for my review.

New artwork!

I recently completed a large painting. I am also working on smaller works for a series.

The larger painting is of a more personal nature. It explores the push and pull that exists in relationships. This can be interpersonal relationships, or a person’s relationship to a thing, work, or idea.

The smaller paintings are based off of small works I created during last Christmas. They will be a bit of a different type of abstract art than what you are used to seeing from me.

Recently I sat down with “Tertiary” an art collective I co-run with artist Jacqui Sommerman.  We explored our ideal solo art exhibit. I decided it would be interesting to have exhibits that have a range of sizes, depending on what rooms they sit in at an exhibit.

I’ll send more updates in upcoming posts. Stay tuned!