Art catalog has been produced!

This was a bit of a journey and learning process. However, I got my gallery catalog produced. I’ll include it in subsequent posts. If you are a designer or gallery owner and want to get a copy of this, please contact me.

Jason Stallings, Selected Artworks: 2006-2019 available for sale!

Here’s my review of “At Eternity’s Gate.” Better late than never I suppose.

Here’s my review of “At Eternity’s Gate” starring Willem Dafoe and Oscar Isaac. Despite a few issues I still have, this holds up remarkably well. The portions dealing with Vincent Van Gogh’s creative process and love of nature were extremely well depicted.

New Art is on it’s way!

I’ve been working on some new ideas. I have been exploring how meditation can be utilized to deal with anxiety. That inspired me to communicate this experience in an artistic setting. I’ll include new images soon!

I also have been working on a series of small paintings. I will post those asap. Stay tuned!