Artist Statement:

Creating Art is an act of translating information and emotional energy. As an artist, My goal is to enthrall viewers in a thoughtful narrative.

Processing information has always been a challenge in my life. Art provides a sense of calm in that it channels emotional energy and communicates an idea. I process what I see and hear then visualize it into a physical plane. Ultimately, I have found that channeling this frustration into something more intuitive has lead to success.

I am drawn to explore the line that sits between literal and obscured expression. The visual density of patterns in my work parallels how we process stimuli and organize the chaos of everyday life. I challenge myself to begin with the form, and abstract from that point towards an improvisational approach.

At the same time, as a visual person I will always have a desire to process and communicate information better. As a result, there is a push and pull that informs my creative direction.

Through my art I seek out iconography to represent ideas. Icons act as a way to guide us towards implicit meaning. There’s some level of mystery allowed by incorporating icons throughout visual layers of paint. Their erasure, covering them up, gives the viewer the opportunity to explore further than what’s immediately in front of their eyes. What the mind perceives in my art can also change depending on proximity to the art. In this sense I have always wanted to build an intimate and inviting experience.

It is in that formative space that I strive to inspire a more open worldview. Every new painting is a new pathway to gain a new perspective.


• Bachelor of Fine Arts, Illustration 2007

Savannah College of Art and Design
Savannah, GA

Solo Exhibitions:

• Jason Stallings’ One Man Show
Solo Exhibition
Stephanie Anne Boutique
2009, and 2010, 2013 Dallas, TX


Juried Exhibitions:

• “How We See”
Juried Exhibition
Pencil on Paper Gallery
Judged by Dr. Vallerie Gillespie and Mr. Emmanuel Gillespie
2021, Farmers Branch, TX

• Mixed Media/Collage Exhibit
Juried Exhibit
The Gallery at Paper Mill Village
Judged by Kenson Thompson
2010, Marietta, GA

• Artist Participant
Educate & Celebrate
Boys and Girls Club of Jersey City
Nola Preservation Society
2008, Jersey City, NJ

Group Exhibitions:
• Dual Exhibition with Jacqui Sommerman,
March 2017, April 2017 Dallas, TX
Wine Poste and Bar Anatomie
• Urban Scene Art, Culture and Architecture
April 2015, May 2015, August 2015, April 2017 Dallas, TX
• 2nd Thursday Group Exhibition
Participating artist and curator
July 2016 Dallas, TX
• East Austin Studio Tour
Artist Participant
East Austin Art Gallery
2010, Austin, TX
Other activities:
• Artist Ambassador, Chartpak inc.
Lecture students on art materials and creative development
– Instructor, Creative Arts Center of Dallas
Instruction of abstract painting and drawing
• Mentor and Co-Director, Tertiary Art collective
2018 to present
Work with emerging Artists in development of their creative direction and professional development
• Officer, Second Thursday art collective
Organization of monthly critique meetings and group exhibitions. Also worked to mentor emerging artists in creative development