Abstract art: Past, present, and future

For September's update I'll be discussing a piece of abstract art from my past, present, and future. Title: "Can You See Me?" Size: 48 in. X 48 in. Year: 2006 This painting was the second abstract mixed media painting that I have created. I was building up ideas with [...]

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August 2017 update

New abstract art for August 2017 Click the thumbnails above to see more This series began with the intention of creating a single stand alone portrait. I set out to initiate an abstract portrait of friend and fellow artist Jacqui Sommerman. In this case I will need to move beyond a conventional portrait [...]

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How can you tell a story with iconography?

How can you tell a story with iconography in art? I will explore this by discussing my 2014 painting "We Can Talk". I had a visual pallet and a general idea of what I wanted to explore. However, I ruminated over the actual iconography for months before finally getting to the point where I was [...]

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Post Art opening analysis: Why the context of an art venue matters so much

Why does context matter so much when presenting art? A common misconception is that you can just plug your work on any old wall and the money will just roll right in the door. This is far from the truth. However, I am a fan of doing things in a DIY manner, so I gave [...]

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Wine and Art Show

I will be having an artist reception for my work along with Jacqui Sommerman this Saturday at Wine Poste and Bar Anatomie from 7-9:30 PM. Here is the facebook event. Address: 246 W. Davis St. Dallas, TX 75208   Parking in this area may be somewhat limited, so please park on 8th or 9th st. [...]

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Does it add up? Hinting at meaning in abstraction

My recent painting "Does it Add Up?" had an interesting genesis. It began as a bit of a catharsis painting. I was releasing stress and pressure that I was feeling during the winter months of December and January. I then switched gears and added a ton of color to the painting getting this stark contrast. [...]

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Expressing personality through opposite pieces of art

This was a digital process work I created to develop the tone and visual feel. Eventually I made some drastic changes, and this picture includes more cross hatching and line work. I've made a few different portraits over the years. The 2 most recent ones reflect an attempt to reflect how certain aspects [...]

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